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Welcome to Angelo Bible College

Angelo Bible College provides Certificate and Degree programs in Biblical Teaching and Pastoral Studies. Each course contains video-based curriculum and downloadable materials that can be viewed from your computer or mobile device. Courses can be taken at your own pace and from any location with internet on a computer with Windows 8 or later.

  • There are over 120 hours worth of college coursework prepared by our great faculty to train you for the ministry God has called you to.
  • We offer 2 Bachelor's Degrees. A Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Theology and a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Christian Ministries.
  • Angelo Bible College is Accredited by the Transworld Accrediting Commision International.
  • Chartered by the State of Texas: Charter Number 126013401.
  • Certified by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

We know that some of you may not want to work toward a Bachelor's Degree. The Commission will allow us to give an Associate's Degree of 60 credit hours. Also, some may only want to take a course for a certificate. If so, then you can take the course and we will email you a certificate. For those who have been pastoring as a Senior Pastor, we can give 5 credit hours for each year spent pastoring for up to 30 credit hours. For Associate Pastors, we can give 2.5 credit hours per year spent pastoring for up to 30 credit hours.

Welcome to Angelo Bible College!

We are Angelo Bible College - Our goal here at Angelo Bible College is to "prepare the people of God for the work of God." It is our desire at Angelo Bible College to assist all students in gaining a thorough understanding of the truths of God's Word in order that they may go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures. Again, may I say welcome to Angelo Bible College. I pray that your spirit will be blessed, your heart encouraged and your mind challenged. Remember: Jesus is coming soon!